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Cable gland

A cable gland is a fitting that attaches and secures the end of a cable to a certain installation. The cable glands can be in nicked plated brass or stainless steel.

A cable gland can be used on different types of cables such as electrical power, instrumentation, telecommunications and data cables.

Anaconda compact double seal cable glands contain two clamping seals, one with a larger diameter seal into which a smaller diameter seal fit. Both seals are made of V0 rated EPDM rubber, tested and certified in compliance with EN45545-2 and Hazard Level (HL1 / HL2 / HL3) for rail applications. When a larger diameter cable is used the larger diameter seal can be used on its own and when a smaller diameter cable is used both clamping seals are required with the smaller one inserted inside the larger one. Both seals are supplied standard as part of the cable gland. The double seal cable glands can also be used with braided cables for EMC applications by simply folding the end of the braid over the top of the clamping seal(s) before mounting.

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