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Heat Protection Solutions

Sleeves, tapes, blankets and removable wraps for your application in exposure to heat.

Superior heat protection products

ANAMET invests in the continuous improvement of its flexible conduit solutions to deliver superior products that meet the precise requirements of its clients. It has developed a full range of sleeves, tapes, wraps and blankets in various qualities to protect against heat or provide insulation. Each is designed for use in custom solutions so you always find what you need for your market and your application.

Which heat protection solutions are available?

These solutions offer protection for cables and wires as well as hydraulic or air lines against various sources of intense heat. Depending on your industry and the application you require, these will withstand high temperatures, flames, molten splash, sparks, thermal attacks or aggressive chemicals. The product range includes FIRETECH Sleeve, Wrap and Sheet products, able to withstand continuous temperatures up to +260C continuous and +1090C intermittently. Select the fitting type you require and the size of sleeve it must be compatible with to narrow down the selection and find the solution you are looking for.

Commonly used in these industries

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FIRETECH protection and the optional accessories

FIRETECH products provide superior heat and flame protection for your harshest application.   Combined with the FIRETECH tape or Fittings, you can provide continuous protection for your cabling needs.

FIRETECH Protection
Accessories for FIRETECH Protection

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