FireTech BasaltJacket

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FireTech BasaltJacket

• Knitted sleeving from of 100% basalt yarn. Provides excellent thermal protection. Durable, knitted design is flexible for easy assembly over tubes and pipes with bends and flanges. Heavy duty construction, more than 15% denser than market average, minimizes snagging and tearing of sleeve during assembly. Available in pre-cut lengths or continuous lengths of up to 150 metres (492 feet), depending on size. User can cut the sleeves to exact lengths. When installed on vehicle exhaust tubes and pipes sleeve facilitates retention of high temperatures as gases flow through exhaust system


Knitted sleeving from of 100% basalt yarn



Knitted sleeving from of 100% basalt yarn



Temperatura máxima de uso 750°C (1382°F)


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