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Specifications and Material Properties

Tough, Flexible Insulation for Hoses and Cables...

Protects People from severe burns from hot, wire braided hoses, valves, manifolds, engine exhaust systems, etc. - and from the respiratory and skin irritations common with uncoated glass fibre insulation.

Reduces Heat Energy Loss and Environmental Overheating from hot hoses and other hot piping components.

Protects Hoses and Cables from molten metal splash, weld splatter and intermittent flame. It also sheds slag, resins, etc., that can harden on the outside of hoses making them rigid and likely to fracture if flexed.

And, in the Event of Fire, FireTech Sleeve can make the difference between control and catastrophe because electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic control circuits continue to function longer. Hoses carrying flammable or hazardous fluids remain intact longer.

Common Properties of FireTech Sleeve and FireTech Wrap

Non-asbestos sleevings and tapes made from knitted or braided glass fibre coated with silicone rubber which keeps the glass fibre dry and intact to maintain insulation values. The 'danger red' colour is the result of the rubber being heavily loaded with iron oxide to improve its heat resistance. Silver, yellow and other coloured fillers are available but have not proven to be as effective as iron oxide. Both FireTech Sleeve and FireTech Wrap retain their flexibility at minus 54 degrees C and they will withstand 260 degrees C continuously. They have unlimited shelf life and stand up well to oils, fuels and heat transfer fluids.

K value in BTU/(hr.ft2.oF/in.): 1.2

Flame resistance: U.S. Fed. Spec. CCT-191-B Method a5902 - 7 seconds to extinguish with no after glow.

Mullens burst strength: 800+ p.s.i.

Oil and fluid resistance: Remains functional after immersion for 120 hours at 25 degrees C in MIL-L- 6082 and Skydrol 500.

Abrasion resistance: Wyzenbeck 9,500 cycles: 3-1/3 lbs. pressure; tension 6 lbs.; using fine emery cloth.

FireTech Sleeve

Inside diameters from 1/4" to 4" (6 mm to 100 mm). Lengths longer than 100 feet (30 m) are available on special order. Can be supplied with certificate of compliance to SAE Aerospace Standard 1072D. Suitable hoses of rubber or PTFE and metal tubing protected with FireTech Sleeve pass the SAE Aerospace Standard flame test 1055B (1093 degrees C for 15 minutes), as required by military and civilian aircraft, missiles and coast guard vessels.

FireTech Wrap

Widths of 1", 2", 3" 4" and 5" (25, 50, 75, 100 and 125 mm). Lengths longer than 100 feet (30 m) are available on special order. Non-adhesive. Shares all of the properties and most of the uses of FireTech Sleeve and it can be applied to hoses and cables while they are in service. FireTech Wrap also conforms well to irregular shapes and can be held in place with wire ties or FireTech Tape.

FireTech Tape

1" x 432" rolls (25 x 11,000 mm). Specifically compounded silicone rubber which adheres only to itself. Used to seal ends of FireTech Sleeve to hoses and cables to prevent oil or water from wicking into the glass fibre and destroying the insulation values, to repair or join sections of FireTech Sleeve, or to provide a moisture-proof seal over regular insulated shapes. Less expensive and more effective than clamps or liquid seals.

FireTech Sheet

Widths to 60" (1500 mm). Lengths to 150 feet (45 m). Fabric woven from glass fiber, coated both sides and impregnated with iron oxide filled silicone rubber. Sheds molten weld splatter and is used as heat shields, curtains and expansion joint fabric. Withstands 260 degrees C continuously and 1093 degrees C intermittently. FireTech Sheet has an unlimited shelf life and can be certified to MIL-I-24244 and ASTM E162.

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